Tokyo at night, amazing timelapse 8K movie

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Hi, I’m Jos.
I’m the manager of Japanese-Online-Store.

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Hi, I’m Jos!
I’m the manager of Japanese-Online-Store.

I like country side. Beautiful nature and local people always make me feel relaxed. But on the other hand, I like big city’s dynamism, too. This amazing timelapse 8K movie of Tokyo at night reminds me of the beauty of big cities.

I was born and raised in Tokyo. So I know all places appear in the movie Tokyo at night. But when watching them like this, I realized how Tokyo has been fascinating me again.

Here are some Tokyo facts for you. As you know, Tokyo is the national capital of Japan. The capital was moved when Emperor Meiji moved out of Kyoto to Tokyo after the Meiji Restoration in 1869. The Imperial Palace is located close to the Tokyo Station.

The population of Tokyo city proper is 13.3 million. To imagine how big it is, you can compare it to the three biggest cities in the US. New York 8.6 million, Los Angeles 3.9 million, and Chicago 2.7 million.

Tokyo will host the Olympic games for the second time in 2020. Now various preparations are ongoing, including the construction of the New National Stadium.

The movie Tokyo at night shows the following places. They are all popular sightseeing spots.

  1. Shinjuku Park Tower and Tokyo Opera City
  2. Night View of Shinjuku Skyscape
  3. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
  4. Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower
  5. Tokyo Tower
  6. Metropolitan Expressway Bayshore Route
  7. Shibuya Crossing
  8. Tokyo Gate Bridge
  9. Tokyo Station
  10. Night View of Tokyo Cityscape
  11. Tokyo Skytree
  12. Sensou-ji Temple
  13. Yokohama MInatomirai 21

Just for your information, Yokohama is the west adjacent city of Tokyo. When Tokyo and Yokohama are combined with the immediate suburbs, the population is 37.8 million. It is the largest in the world in the same criteria.

8K movie has the resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. Considering Full-HD (2K) is 1,920 x 1,080, you can imagine how high the 8K definition is. If it’s too slow with the 8K quality, turn it down to 4K. It’s still super beautiful.

Let’s enjoy the Tokyo at night movie by clicking the image below! And tell me how you liked it.

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