YAMAHA Kittar, a must have free app for super effective music practice

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Don’t you think your progress on music practice is too slow, even though you are working very hard? Here’s a free app which makes your music practice super effective.

No matter how you practice, you can’t play from the beginning through to the end of the music for the first times. I’m sure you cut the music into pieces and repeat the difficult parts or impressive parts of the tune.

A Japanese musical instruments manufacturer YAMAHA has introduced a free iOS app called “Kittar”. The English pronunciation of the word “Kittar” sounds just like a Japanese word meaning “have cut”. Yes, literally this app cuts music into pieces and makes a phrase list for partial practice. Here’s an excerpt from the YAMAHA web page.

“Partially performing a song, or playing just one section, is a common way to practice and play music. In order to do so while listening to the original, it was necessary to cue the song or set an A-B repeat. Kittar automatically creates a phrase list based on the structure of the song. Simply choose and play the phrase you like to effortlessly enjoy partial performance.”

It’s easy and convenient for music practice. First download it free and install. Then it displays a list of the songs stored on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Songs stored in iCloud are not supported. Songs protected by digital rights management (DRM), and songs over 40 minutes long are not supported, either.

Select a song from the music library. Kitter analyzes the song and automatically generates a phrase list. It takes less than five seconds to display the list. If you want to modify Kitter’s analysis, you can create new phrases or edit existing ones. It is possible to change phrase names or boundaries, too.

It’s easy to change the order of the phrases just by dragging. You can group phrases and repeat a phrase or a group of phrases in a loop.

What I like is the Playback Settings. Sometimes you want to practice how to go into a particular phrase following the preceding one. You can start playback from before the start of the phrase you want to practice. You can adjust the time from one second to five seconds.

If the phrase is too difficult to play, you can slow it down without changing the pitch. As you know, this is convenient when you’re trying to play it by ear, too. Changing the pitch without changing the tempo is also possible. It’s incredible that a free app can do all these.

All analysis results and changes you make are uploaded to their cloud server. You don’t have to wait for five seconds if someone has already analyzed the song. You’ll get the results immediately. Kittar learns manual changes done by many people. It continues to improve for making the best analysis results for everybody’s music practice.

YAMAHA Kittar Play Phrase Screen
YAMAHA Kittar Play Phrase Screen
YAMAHA Kittar Cancel Edit Screen
YAMAHA Kittar Cancel Edit Screen

Of course it has some weak points.  It can have a problem with tunes without clear beat. Or in some cases it stops at off beat. But you can change them manually anytime. And it’s free.

So why wait?

Just go to the YAMAHA web page at the following link and start your music practice! It’s free.

Go to YAMAHA Kittar

And always remember, practice makes perfect.
Good luck!

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