BOSS pedals are die hard

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How are you using BOSS pedals? Connecting to your guitar? Stepping on when you want effects?

Those are absolutely right. But did you know you can use them with ice, gravity, a slingshot, a truck, a dishwasher, and even a semi-trailer? Watch these videos to see how to do it.

  1. BOSS Pedal DS-1 vs. Ice/Gravity:

DS-1 was ice pickled and thrown from the top of the building. The ice broke into pieces. The survived DS-1 wasn’t distorted. And the sounds generated was distorted as if nothing had happened.

2. BOSS Pedal DS-1 vs. Mega Slingshot:

The second battle of DS-1 is with a large slingshot. It was thrown by three men. Again, it made usual distortion sounds.

3. BOSS Pedal SD-1 vs. Truck

SD-1 was run over by a truck. But it was still Super OverDrive. It’s invulnerable.

4. BOSS Pedal MT-2 vs. Dishwasher

MT-2 was thoroughly cleaned in a dishwasher. But its distortion is still insane. Don’t ask me if it’s a good idea to clean it in a washing machine when it gets dirty.

5. BOSS Pedal CH-1 vs. Semi

The last battle is with a semi-trailer. CH-1 was distorted as might have been expected. But it still played Super Chorus.

6. BOSS Pedals vs. Quality Control

Finally, see the actual quality control in a factory. BOSS pedals are die hard!

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Author: Jos

Hi, I'm the manager of Japanese-Online-Store. Enjoy my blog about Japan and Japanese products. I appreciate your feedback !

2 thoughts on “BOSS pedals are die hard”

  1. I absolutely absolutely love these pedals you guys made the greatest pedals in the world and had made and still are and guitars 2 thank you Arigato Derrick

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