What was NO.1 on Billboard top 100 on your anniversary?

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I’m Japanese. I live in Japan. So both geographically and culturally, we seem to be far apart. But at least there is one thing we have in common. It’s music.

I love music not only because it’s fun to play, sing, and listen to, but also it reminds me of many things. Don’t you agree that music is so strongly associated with your life? I remember my hardest days when I listen to certain songs, and I remember my happiest days when I listen to others.

Have you ever wondered what was the NO.1 song on the day you were born? What about on the day of your wedding ceremony? Or any other anniversary? It’s fun to find it out. You will find how music is associated with your life again. Let’s dive into a little trip down the memory lane!

There are many sites where you can search the answer. But I recommend “Bob Borst’s Home of Pop Culture and Web Development”. Because it’s based on the Billboard top 100. In other sites, charts are made by proprietary methods or the charts are not well defined. And for me, as a kind of Billboard chart buff, there’s no other website where I can find all the following three in the Billboard top 100 chart.

  1. The No.1 song in the USA on the specific date from November 26 1939 till present.
  2. List of NO.1 songs of each year in Chronological order. And play a medley of these songs in a few minutes. It reminds you of your younger age.
  3. Top 100 songs of each year.

In the comments, people are asking the name of the singer, title, or any other information they want to remember. And others are willing to help. It’s a nice community, too.

It links to the page where you can order a mug cup printed with the number one song on the day you specify. It might be a good idea to send it as a gift to your loved one on a special day.

On top of that, you can do many other things for fun.

The “FUN STUFF” pages are real fun! For example, you can compare yours and your celebrity’s  “time to earn” by inputting your annual income. And prepare to be depressed. I compared to Beyonce. She can buy a new house of a value of $291,200.00 in less than five hours. And it takes me years and years… Then I’m determined to work harder again!

Just click on the following link and enjoy!

Find the NO.1 on Billboard top 100 on your anniversary

If you find your answer, why not share it in the comment column below!

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Hi, I'm the manager of Japanese-Online-Store. http://japanese-online-store.com/ Enjoy my blog about Japan and Japanese products. I appreciate your feedback !

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  1. Thanks , I have recently been looking for information approximately this subject for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve came upon till now.

  2. Who was number one in the UK on my birthday? no 1 on my birthday, what was number one on my birthday uk – are all questions that can be answered from the links here. Click any year above to see all the number one songs – there’s a link at the bottom of each year list to continue to the next year’s number 1 songs.

    1. Hi Danilo,
      Thank you for your comment.

      At the link in the article, you can choose from US, UK, and Australia.

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